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Submitting Photos

The yearbook staff cannot be everywhere the students are all time.
We welcome your submission of photos to be considered for inclusion in the 2022-2023 yearbook.

  • Please send photos AS EVENTS HAPPEN, we are a chronological book and complete pages as the week's end.

Submitting Photos

  •  Click here for the submission form.

    • Photos will not be accepted if they are not sent through the form​


      • The names and grade levels of all Boyd students in the photo, a description of the activity and the date on which it took place must accompany every photo 

      • Photographers' name must accompany every photo (copyright law applies-photo credit will be given if placed in the book)

      • Photos must have a minimum of 300 PPI resolution.

      • Don't send us pictures you pulled from someone's Facebook or a screenshot of a photo

        • Please only submit original digital images​

  • Pictures must be of good quality (in sharp focus, free of motion blur, properly exposed, etc.)

  • We select images that show different students doing different activities

  • Candid (action) pictures should be taken close up with faces showing, and should show Boyd students or employees engaged in some interesting activity. 

  • The yearbook staff has the final say about which pictures we use in the book. 

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